Global Footprints: Ghana

There’s nothing like traveling to Ghana. Dusty roads, beaming sunlight, and the smell of fresh coconut. Even though Ghana isn’t one of the richest countries, it sure is full of life it definitely is a place to mark down on the bucket list. The people of Ghana are so full of energy and life. Always singing and dancing at any time of the day. Even at funerals. Funerals are a huge celebration of life to the Ghanians. Traditional music played on the infamous African Drum. Everyone dressed in traditional Kente Cloth and endless laughter. Their energy and laughter is so contagious you’ll never want to leave. It may not be like the Bahamas, but traveling to Ghana is truly an eye opener and should be a stamp in everyone’s passport.

kakum bridge

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Shai Hills – Friendly wild Baboon with an animal reserve with zebras, ostrich, and antelope!

Kakum National Park – Man-made bridge through the jungle!

Cape Coast Castle – One of the main castles for slave trade in Ghana.

Akosombo Dam – This Dam generates all electricity for all of Ghana.

Ada – On the coast of Lake Volta, the largest water reservoir in the world.


Where to Shop

The art center centered in the country’s capital, Accra, is a beautiful place to find crafts handmade by natives. Crafts including the African Drum, jewelry, Kente, Sculptures and much more! Many of the pieces you can have custom made, even your name carved in the drum!

What you’ll find

Walking the streets of Ghana you’ll never know what you run into. Sheep, cows, stray dogs, and even monkeys share the roads with the natives. You’ll run into “hawkers” – people walking up to your car trying to sell you any and everything. Things from food and drinks to windshield wipers and loofas. It truly is a beautiful sight seeing mothers with their children wrapped on their back with kente cloth, Fresh coconut and melons being sold on the sides of the streets. Especially the young futbolers dribbling their soccer ball down the street.


Not to miss – Cape Coast Castle

No one ever leaves cape coast castle the same person. One of the many slave trade castles, that is now a museum will give you chills. There’s no feeling like walking in the footsteps through the dungeons your ancestors ate, urinated, fecetate, slept and vomited whilst awaiting to be sold in to slavery. Walking through the Door of No Return knowing the slaves that walked through here were to be shipped off to their new owner would never see their friends and family again. Cape Coast Castle is a place you need to mentally prepare yourself for but you truly cannot miss out on.


Walking the streets of Ghana, there’s one thing you notice in the children. They have so little and yet they’re so happy. Using things like flip flops as goalie gloves in the pick up futbol game. Or using things like bottle caps as toys for their games. It’s amazing how something so little can bring so much happiness to a child.


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